Product No : c1p8
Product Description

Chin Li's EVA / PE / RB Foam is closed-cell foam based on the mixture of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate polymer resin, Polyethylene polymer resin and different kind of rubber polymers.

EVA foam has been broadly used for sports shoes, sports goods and sports protective gears due to its material characteristic.

PE foam is available in various densities from 30 kg/m³ to 180 kg/m³ and performs particularly well where thermal insulation is critical, such as underlay and headliners, or cost-effectiveness is important, such as packaging.

RB foam has the characteristic of rubber feel; better resilience than normal EVA foam but still can be thermo formable. Rubber foam cannot be thermo formable, heavier than EVA foam and also not many selections of the color; therefore, Chin Li's RB foam can replace the rubber foam.

Chin Li can customize different characteristic foam using the different mixture of EVA, PE and particular rubber polymer resin to meet the customers' need. Chin Li can supply the foam in sheet or rolls and different hardness, different thickness according to customers' need.

Product Description
Key Features:
Good Cushioning & Impact Absorption
Lightweight & Stiff
Great Cushioning & Impact Absorption
Lightweight comparing to traditional rubber foam
Rubber foam feel
Thermo formable
Easy fabrication
The broad range of densities and foam types
Color range options
Resistance to water
Shoes Sole
Sports Protective Gears
Foam Roller
Puzzle Mats
Orthotic Supports
CNC packaging insert
Sports Protectives
Bicycle Handlebar Tape
Bicycle Seat Cushioning