Product No : c1p6
Product Description

Chin Li's ESD Foam is closed-cell foam, which offers 3 grades of classification. The 3 grades of classification are Conductive, Dissipative and Insulate. The demand of semiconductor, electronics and optoelectronics industries are increasing rapidly. The static electricity from production process, parts transporting as well as friction caused by movements may cause considerable damage and loss. ESD foam is the best solution for it.

Product Description
Key Features:
Easy fabrication
Permanently conductive/ dissipative/ insulate
Water Resistance
Electronic components tray
CNC packaging insert
Electronic component protection parts
Electro Classification
ClassificationCharge MovementResistanceOhmsIs it Antistatic?
Conductive Very Fast Low Resistance 10^3 - 10^ 5 Yes
Dissipative At a controlled speed. Fast but Slower than Conductive Medium Resistance 10^6 - 10^ 10 Yes
Insulate Slow or No Movement High Resistance 10^11 - 10^ 12 No